Yogurt For Treating Acne Lesions

Yogurt For Treating Acne Lesions

Use of yogurt for treating acne is a famous and natural way of curing pimples and zits. It is not only a dietary substance but a natural medicine as well.

It is a best known natural remedy for curing pimples in an exceptional way. It contains plenty of antibiotic characteristics. It strengthens the immunity system and hinders the growth of bacteria in the hair follicles. It works as natural antiseptic and provides many healthful minerals and vitamins to the skin.

Bacterial fermentation of milk makes yogurt. During this fermentation process; milk bacteria converts sugar into lactic acid. The lactic acid afterward works on proteins of milk and interlocks their molecular structure. This gives it the gel like consistency.

So yogurt is fermented milk but does not contain lactose found in regular milk but contains lactic acid. Some individuals have intolerance for lactose; as it disturbs their digestive tract. It is a myth that yogurt can intensify the infections in the body as it is jam-packed with bacteria. It is a myth as it has been used for medicinal purposes since centuries.

The acidic nature of yogurt is helpful for destroying the unwanted bacteria in hair follicle. This bacterial growth is basically responsible for irritation and infection. Few bacteria are susceptible to acidic pH and get destroyed.

Soft tissues are the primary constituent of hair follicles. These soft tissues need a consistent supply of oxygen and vitamins. Yogurt is a useful and an essential part of the diet as it provides vitamin B and Zinc.

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Yogurt For Treating Acne Lesions

Though yogurt is a dietary substance and can be used in many ways. Normally it is used in potato dishes, curries and rice for adding more taste. It is also often used externally for treating pimples, pustules and pastules.

It is an effective home medicine for taking care of blackheads and whiteheads. Its acidic property has the ability to kill the whole range of harmful bacteria. The healthful nutrients of harmful bacteria provides minerals and vitamins that play an active part in curing acne.