Will Changing a Diet Prevent Acne?

Will Changing a Diet Prevent Acne?

Suffering from ugly red spots? Are you wondering if the stories you have heard about food affecting your acne is really true? Does eating chocolate or a big greasy hamburger really have anything to do with clean skin? Do you have to have to give these foods up in order to have clear skin? The answers are coming up.

Myths about the diet causing acne date back to the 1960’s and come from inaccurate medical study. This study stated that teens eating food high in grease or eating a lot of chocolate causes acne. Since that time, medicine has learned more and newer studies show acne comes from bacteria and oil clogs, not from foods we eat. As long as your diet isn’t all grease or chocolate and you eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, your skin should not suffer due to diet.

Some people; however, may have minor allergies to certain foods. If you think this is your cause of acne, avoid the food for a few weeks and see if the spots clear up. If they do, try the food again. If the break out starts again after eating the food, you may have a mild allergy. Avoid that food or at least cut way back on it.

Some people decide to try a diet to keep their face clear. If you do, be sure and start with a good routine for skin care. After you decide on the best skin care, think about diet changes you want to make. A healthier diet full of anti-oxidants and vitamins will keep the skin healthier. Although science has proven foods do not directly affect your skin, try it. It may be what works for you.

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