What is Too Much Stomach Fat?

It can be quite difficult to know for sure if you do have too much Stomach Fat. You do not want to go rushing off getting diet plans or fasting if you don’t need to. So when is it too much? How can you know for sure and is there some kind of standard measurement?
One of the less scientific approaches is to notice whether or not you can still fit the clothes in your wardrobe AND if you have found it necessary to buy bigger sizes over the past couple of years. You need to answer both these questions together to get the right information about your weight. It may be all your clothes in the wardrobe are bigger sizes you bought some time ago and that you still fit them. But if you had to get bigger sizes previously then there is your answer.
The more scientific answer to this question is to use what is known as the BMI, which is short for your Body Mass Index. Specialist nutritional people use this as a good guide to what range a healthy weight would be for you. This is something you can easily calculate for yourself. First you will need to know what your current weight is in Kilos (approximately 2.2 pounds/Kilo) and what your height is in Meters (approximately 36.9 inches/meter).
What you do is multiply your height by your height and then divide that result into your weight. For example, if your height is 1.6m and your weight is 70kg then that means 1.6 x 1.6 = 2.56, then divide this into your weight of 70Kg gives 70 / 2.56 = BMI of 27.34.
So what does this BMI tell us? If your BMI is between the top teens to mid-twenties, that is an average result and tends to indicate no immediate weight issues but you still need to be aware of healthy tips to maintain this weight index. However if your BMI is above 30, then it can indicate obesity. Should your BMI be above 40, that can indicate morbid obesity and needs immediate attention. You need to speak with your Doctor at the earliest.
Nutritionist’s use a person’s Body Mass Index when analyzing weight questions and is a convenient way to determine if any weight problems exist. So using both of these methods together will certainly tell you if you are carrying too much stomach fat.

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