Tips For Making Your Own Milkshakes and Smoothies

Blending a smoothie or milkshake can sometimes be a challenge. Especially when you are using fruit and bits of it become mushy and get caught under the blades. This makes the blades less efficient and you end up with lumps. Yuck. Here are a few tips to ensure you get your drink smooth; the way it should be.
Best blending tips
1. Start at a high-speed and work down to a lower and slower speed.
2. Pulsing in small spurts encourages the small bits to get stirred up and not caught somewhere where it won’t be blended.
3. Freeze your fruit. Frozen fruit has a solid consistency and is easier to blend. Fresh fruit may become mushy and this will make it harder to liquify. Cut your frozen fruit into smaller chunks when adding.
4. Add the liquid or juice ingredients first before the frozen fruits to prevent them from collecting and sticking in the bottom of the blender.
Healthy and tasty tips
1. If you are using milk; use low-fat skim to cut down on the fat and calories.
2. Make your smoothie creamier by adding non-fat yogurt
3. A healthy substitute for dairy milk is soy or almond milk. Great if you are lactose intolerant or cutting back on dairy.
4. Watch the calorie count; fruit can be high in calories, particularly bananas, if you are consuming a large smoothie consider reducing calories in your other meals that day. Remember everything in moderation.
5. Add ice. Mixing fruit with ice makes the drink cooler and more refreshing. If your blender can crush ice add 4-6 cubes to your drink mixture. If it can’t just add the ice to the smoothie after blending.
Smoothies and milkshakes are fun to make and delicious to drink! Try different combinations to find your favourites.

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