The Most Common Acne Myths (And Whether You Should Believe Them)

The Most Common Acne Myths (And Whether You Should Believe Them)

Acne is one of the most common skin problems throughout the world, impacting millions of people. In the United States, acne is the number one skin disorder. There are a ton of myths and urban legends surrounding acne and its causes, most of which are of course, false. Here are a few common acne myths:

1. Washing the face often can cure acneFalse!Because one of the major causes of acne is dirty skin and blocked pores, many people believe that washing your face every two hours can cure acne. This is incorrect as it only leads to skin damage. Soap, and other face washing agents are very hard on the skin and you must take care to not use them too often. Ideally, you should wash your face just one in the morning, and once before going to bed. Otherwise, you should wash your face only if it gets extremely dirty or oily.

2. Eating chocolates or other sweets can cause acneFalse!A popular urban legend in the United States is that eating chocolates can cause acne. This is a false belief; eating chocolate won’t cause acne any more than eating spinach will. Of course, you must avoid eating an excess of chocolates – but that can be said for any other food item. Excessively greasy foods such as french fries can, however, cause acne, so you must avoid eating them.

3. Birth control pills can control acneTrue!Acne is essentially a hormonal reaction. Excessive hormones released at puberty cause acne. Birth control pills, on the other hand, control and stabilize the hormones in your body. Dermatologists often prescribe birth control pills to women who have severe acne.

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