The Effects of Drinking and Smoking on Acne

The Effects of Drinking and Smoking on Acne

If you are a smoker or a drinker, you’re not going to like to know the fact that smoking doesn’t only cause lung cancer, it also causes acne. The normal recreation that a cigarette can provide you with makes you pay a very high price later on. Similar thing happens with alcohol and its excessive usage.

Basically, what alcohol and smoking do to you and your body is to decrease your overall immune system’s quality. You find yourself unable fight against the bacterial infections which cause all the trouble at the first place. If you have acne, it’s better to avoid smoking and drinking. But well, easier said than done.

If you are planning to stop drinking and smoking for your own good sake then immediately start with water therapy. Start drinking 8 glasses of water each day and start maintaining your diet. Remember to only take a balanced diet which is rich in vitamins, especially Vitamin A and Vitamin E. The glow that comes back on your skin will overshadow all the pleasure you previously received from smoking and drinking.

You will be amazed to know that smoking and drinking destroy the positive effects that vitamin A and E could have on your body.

If you are suffering from acne, then it is your right to know, that acne is not caused just by inflammation or other reasons but also with smoking and drinking to a large extent. People often tend to believe and preach that acne is mainly a problem suffered by teenagers, but that is not something that is true. It is a problem of the skin that can have its effect on older people, whether they are male or whether they are female. However it is most likely to develop and show its first signs at the puberty stage. Acne results from blockages in the skin that collects bacteria in a very natural manner and then result in inflammation.

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Acne can makes its appearance either in the form of red spots, infected pustules, papules or nodules. However, acne is such a common thing among people, that most of the times people don’t even notice it until it becomes very widespread on their face. Also, because of the common occurrence of this skin problem, few people are even aware that their habits of smoking and drinking are causing all the trouble at the first place. In fact, some people become so helpless under the habit of smoking and drinking that they find themselves unable to leave it for once in spite of knowing that it is causing all the troubles including acne.

But there is good news for acne infected people. And well, it may be bad for most of them too. The only way to be acne free is to leave your habits of smoking and drinking and hence to be free from those social circles or activities which make you go back to your old habits which have ruined your face with irritating acne.

Once that abstinence is achieved, freedom from acne will be achieved too.