Simple Effective Ways to Cure Acne Naturally

Simple Effective Ways to Cure Acne Naturally

Acne is a common skin disturbance, especially during the teen-age years, causing outbreaks of unsightly pimples on the face, neck, arms and chest. While acne is not life threatening, untreated acne can leave permanent scarring, both physically and emotionally. Stress and dietary habits are among the many things that can trigger acne. There are a number of natural cures which are simple to apply and proven to be effective that are less costly than prescription medication or professional medical help.

Keeping the skin clean and as bacteria-free as possible is an important first step for naturally curing acne. Get a bar of sulphur-based soap designed to treat acne at the drug store and gently wash your face and other affected areas twice a day.

Try a pure honey facial mask applied to your face twice a week to benefit from honey’s antibacterial properties. Honey also provides soothing relief for skin irritations.

Treat affected acne outbreaks by applying tea tree oil, a natural substance obtained from a tree that grows in Australia. Apply the pure oil, which has excellent anti-bacterial ingredients, using a clean cotton ball onto the pimples once a day until you see them decrease in intensity.

Aloe vera, the gel obtained from the aloe vera plant, is another natural remedy for acne. It contains both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents that help to heal the skin outbreak as it is working. Aloe vera juice can also be taken as a beverage to help prevent future acne outbreaks.

A change in diet often works very quickly to eliminate acne outbreaks. Eliminate very salty foods from the menu as these contain iodine which trigger acne eruptions. Foods high in saturated fats should also be eliminated, replaced with healthier foods high in protein such as seafood, along with an increase in fresh fruits and vegetables rather than processed foods.

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Drinking green tea on a daily basis is an effective natural remedy for curing acne, as it helps to decrease the production of androgens in the body which trigger acne outbreaks.

Keep your hair squeaky clean if you suffer from acne, as long hair or bangs that are oily and brushing up against the forehead, neck and face can aggravate acne pimples.

Your daily health regimen to help cure acne naturally should include a multi-vitamin, along with chromium, a dietary supplement proven to hasten the healing of any type of skin infections and eruptions.

When it comes to any natural cure for acne, consistency of application is important to get the quickest results.