Prevention of Back Acne – How to Avoid Having Acne Appear on Your Back

Prevention of Back Acne – How to Avoid Having Acne Appear on Your Back

As the old adage says “prevention is always better than cure”, this same principle is also applicable with the subject on back acne. Hence, this feature will highlight the importance of prevention of back acne and how to steer clear of those pimples in your body from coming back.

As far as acne prevention is concerned, exfoliation is one of the best approaches for the prevention of acne in the body. This is because dead skin cells can attract bacteria on the skin. When you regularly exfoliate, you will prevent the buildup of dead skin cells that may promote the appearance of pimples. You need to pay attention to your back, arms, chest, and the buttocks when exfoliating. Use a loofah with a gentle scrub to do this. Stay away from salt scrubs as this might sting on some of your existing acne infections. You can, however, try sugar scrubs as a replacement. Make sure to scrub at least once a week.

Because bacteria are one of the causes of back acne, it is best that you use clean clothes and fabrics all the time. The dirt from soiled and dirty clothes can attract bacteria which may be responsible for the acne in your back. You also need to use clean underwear. Hence, you need to use clean briefs, boxers, bras, and undershirts always.

You should also pay particular attention to your bedding and towels. Replace your bed sheets, comforters, pillowcases, towels, and other related items regularly as these things get contact with your body.

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Lastly, observe your body and your skin. Practice proper hygiene and always follow a healthy lifestyle. If you have no success with these prevention tips, it is time to consult your doctor as there might be other problems like hormonal imbalances and other health ailments that you are experiencing.