Natural Acne Cures – What’s the Best Natural Acne Cure?

Natural Acne Cures – What’s the Best Natural Acne Cure?

If you’re committed to finding a natural acne cure, it can be difficult to separate the old wives tales and homemade remedies that don’t work, from those that do. Prescription or over the counter treatments for acne have at least been tested and their effect can be demonstrated, but without similar, comprehensive testing on natural cures for acne, which is most likely to work for you?

Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil have been shown to be effective natural acne cures because of their anti-bacterial properties – bacteria being one of the main causes of acne. Vitamin supplements can also be good natural cures for acne. Vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant, and Vitamin A both help promote healthy skin. Of course, one of the most natural of all natural acne cures has to be water. Drinking plenty of water is a natural way to cure acne as it helps to flush waste and toxins out of your body which can help keep your skin healthy. The vitamins and minerals found in fresh fruit and vegetables can also help.

One natural cure for acne might work better for you than another, and some people might find certain treatments don’t seem to have any effect whatsoever. It may be that you have to use a number of natural acne cures in combination – plenty of fruit and veg in your diet, combined with vitamin supplements and aloe vera/tea tree treatments for example.

The reality is, the best way to cure acne naturally might not be a “cure” as such, but a different approach to the problem. By taking a holistic view of your acne treatment and considering the body as a whole, rather than just focusing on this one symptom, you might have greater success treating your acne problem.

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