Important Facts You Should Know About Acne

Important Facts You Should Know About Acne

Experiencing acne can really be annoying and it can really be frustrating. But you would have to endure it at least once your lifetime. You would have to deal with it when it comes to you. You can only do so much to avoid acne. It will inflict you when it decides to. Nevertheless, you can control it when it happens.

How Acne Develops and What Causes Acne

Acne can easily develop in a person’s skin. The problem begins when your oil glands start to produce more oil than necessary. But it only develops when excess oil actually mixes with dirt and dead skin cells. When this happens the skin pores are clogged up, thus acne or pimples show up on the surface of the skin. This usually happens in the oiliest parts of your body. That is why acne really attacks mostly the face.

So basically, it is really the combination of excess oil, bacteria and dead skin cells that causes acne. But the thing is having acne can be genetic. If previous generations in your family had severe acne at least once in their lives, you would likely experience the same. Nevertheless, the cause of overproduction oil is mainly in hormonal changes. For instance, the reason why most teens experience acne during this time is because their hormones are raging at this stage. It is also the same reason why stress usually causes acne in many people. Certain medications also cause hormonal changes in the body. This, in turn, causes your oil glands to overproduce oil and cause acne.

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Types of Acne You Should Be Familiar With

Acne can be mild in some people. You could experience simple blackheads or whiteheads which can easily be removed. It can also come in the form of postules. Mild acne is less painful and they are easy to treat.

On the other hand, severe or cystic acne can be bigger and can be more painful. These nodules and skin lesions could be bothersome. They can also take time to heal. Among the common types of cystic acne are acne fulminans, acne rosacea and pyoderma faciale.

Is Anyone Safe from Acne?

Again, acne inflicts a person at least once in a lifetime. In some people, it can even be a constant problem. In other people, acne can be recurring but not as often as others. And as mentioned, teenagers are more prone to acne because of hormonal changes. But if you want to control or avoid acne, you can do so by avoiding dirt to stay long in your skin.