How To Get Rid Of Acne

How To Get Rid Of Acne

Acne is something that almost everybody will have to go through at some stage in their lives, normally during their teenage years. Unfortunately Acne can be a great source of embarrassment due to the marks that it leaves on the skin. Acne can appear almost anywhere on the body and if it is not removed correctly then it can leave unattractive scars. In this article I am going to teach you exactly how to get rid of your acne.

Natural Ways

You may have heard of natural remedies to help you get rid of acne. Some work and others don’t. Some of those that work could actually be dangerous for your skin. If possible I always suggest that you use ‘medicated’ ways to get rid of your acne as a long term solution, but these should be fine for the short term:

1. Toothpaste. This is probably one of the biggest ‘natural’ remedies out there for acne. It has been shown to work, but not all toothpastes will help. The problem is that may toothpastes out there have ingredients that will actually irritate your skin if you put it on. Thereby making your acne worse. If you must use toothpaste then only use it as a temporary solution as you will be doing damage to your skin. Remember like other natural solutions it won’t actually get rid of the root cause of the acne, just cover it up.

2. Use of Clove Oil. This has been proven to be effective against some types of acne. Although to be honest I do not really suggest it. Use of clove oil seriously burns your skin and it will be painful for a while after application. If you can steer clear of it.

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3. Mint Juice. Mint Juice is one acne solution that I do suggest. It helps clear out your pores and from what I can tell there is no long term damage caused by using it. Apply a mint juice solution to your face every night before your sleep for the best effect.


You may feel as though you can get away with a natural solution, but remember you are not stopping the cause of acne, you are just covering it up. Acne is caused by ‘pores’ becoming blocked with dead skin which in turn leads to a breakout. You can avoid a lot of it by employing good facial hygiene, but unfortunately as a teenager skin can become fairly oily and it is difficult to keep our faces in tip top condition. Here are some medications you can use:

1. Face Washes. You will be able to find plenty of them in your local pharmacist. Try out a couple and see which ones are having the most effect on your skin.

2. Benzyol Peroxide + Moisturiser. This solution is incredibly effective; it will irritate your skin however. You should be able to buy this from your pharmacist over the counter. Triclosan will also help and often preferred to benzyol as it is milder on skin.

If you find that your acne symptoms are uncontrollable then you should get in touch with a dermatologist who will be able to help devise a plan of attack to get your skin looking fantastic again. Remember, acne shouldn’t be something you are embarrassed about, everybody has to go through it at some stage of their lives but it is controllable if you follow the right techniques.

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