How to Get Rid of Acne Overnight – 2 Myths Exposed

How to Get Rid of Acne Overnight – 2 Myths Exposed

Anyone who is struggling with acne will realize just how embarrassing the skin condition is. I was once an acne sufferer myself and I could not stand waking up every morning only to gaze into a mirror to see a face filled with acne staring back at me. Well I do not have to do this anymore because I now have clear skin but what you need to realise is that you are not being told the truth about getting clear skin.

Here are some of the biggest acne myths exposed:

1. Sunlight will help to clear your acne faster is a myth that a lot of acne sufferers fall for because they believe that a tan will help to cover up their acne problems. Well this is simply not the case and instead of helping out your acne it is actually going to worsen your condition. You see acne is very easily irritated and the suns rays are very radiating and can worsen your acne condition.

2. The more you wash your face the cleaner it will become is one of the biggest myths of all time. People tend to believe that the more face washing they do the clearer their skin will become but sadly this is not the case. In fact the more you wash your face the worse your acne will become simply because you are actually causing it to over dry. When your skin is excessively dry your body begins to produce extra sebum and surface oils to compensate with this. This is the primary stage of acne formation as it gets clogged in the pores because of the overload.

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