Holiday Season Health Survival Tips

Did you know the average person gains about 2 kilos over the 4 week Christmas period?

The good news is that this is completely avoidable. You can still enjoy the holiday period just as much as the next person and maintain your weight at the same time. Don’t fall trap to excuses!! In the lead up to the holiday’s ramp up your exercise regimes. You’ll be feeling and looking so great you definitely won’t want to spoil your efforts, and if you do indulge on a few things you’ll be able to afford it a little.

Top 10 Tips

Start the day with exercise. You’ll burn some calories in advance and also will be less inclined to ruin your exercise efforts with junk foods.

Don’t arrive to the party hungry. Eat well during the day, start the day with a good nutritious breakfast to keep you satisfied.

Bring a dish to the party that is healthy and that you can choose for an alternative to any high fat, calories dense dishes.

If you are hosting the party, give leftovers away. If you are at another person’s party, politely refuse taking left over’s home.

Before arriving to the party, set a limit on alcohol and make this non negotiable.

Drink lots of water. Drink a glass of water before eating anything.

Don’t fill up on nibbles and snacks. Before you know it you’ll have consumed a meals worth of calories on the pre snacks.

Fill your plate up with salads and vegetables first. You’ll then have less room on your plate for much else.

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You don’t need to have dessert. Politely tell the host you’re too full.

Finish the day with exercise. Dance lots, or go for an evening walk.