Heart Healthy Tips – Watch Your Weight and Be Heart Healthy Early On

If you are in your 20s you are most likely hitting some physical and emotional ups and downs along the way and figuring out what direction you want to take on in life. You are experiencing lots of transitions in school, relationships and work, it will be sure to take a toll on your emotional and physical health and in your life in general, and in turn, affect your heart health and weight. Women in their 20s surely need some valuable heart healthy tips to help you get on the right track to good heart health.
Keep in mind that no matter what is going on in your life, you should make it your aim to take pride in taking care of your overall health and to develop a positive and good body image. Be on the lookout for triggers to heart ailments, your risk factors for developing heart problems, read up on some heart healthy tips and keep depression and stress at bay as it will make you vulnerable to weight gain.
It is relatively simple to watch your weight at your present stage. If you believe that your weight is at an unhealthy level and if you are not happy with it, remember these tips:
1.If you are working on successfully managing your weight, don’t forget to keep food portions smaller than your fist.
2.If possible, start with your very own food log or journal. This way you can successfully keep track of what you ingest in your system everyday. At the end of the week, re-evaluate yourself; you may be personally surprised at what you are eating!
3.At the beginning of every meal, eat a filling food such as a salad or soup or you can choose to drink a glass of water.
4.Every week, make it a point to enjoy eating a couple of different fruits, whole grains that are rich in fiber, and vegetables. Adding more variety to what you it means that you won’t easily get bored with it.
5.Make it your goal to increase your level of physical activity so you can at least get 150 (equates to two hours and thirty mins.) of moderate physical exertion or 1 hour and 15 minutes of vigorous cardiovascular or aerobic exercise.
Keeping and managing your weight can be simple and fun. You just have to have the right heart healthy tips to pull it off! More tips on managing your weight for a healthier heart in my upcoming articles!

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