Heart Healthy Tips – How to Cook Heart Friendly Meals

A healthy eating plan translates to more than choosing the proper foods to eat. It is equally essential for you to prepare foods in a healthy way, and you can do this with some heart healthy tips! There are some methods of cooking that are better than others in cutting saturated fat, cholesterol, trans fat, calories and total fat. Also, cooking and preparing your foods the right way will help you get the most nutritional value from your foods.
Remember that preparing your food right doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the foods that you love or sacrifice taste. You just need to know some heart healthy tips on cooking techniques and you can most certainly have it all!
Here are some of the good ways on how you can prepare and cook your food:
1.Bake – do this in covered cookware and add a small amount of liquid.
2.Roast – do this with a rack so that the poultry or meat wouldn’t sit in its own fat drippings. To avoid searing, set at 350 degrees. You can baste using fat-free liquids such as lemon juice, tomato juice or wine.
3.Stir-fry – do this using a Chinese wok with a small amount of peanut oil.
4.Boil or grill – do this on a rack so that the fat will drip away from the food.
5.Microwave – this doesn’t require extra fat, you can actually drain the fat from the food by putting it in between 2 pieces of paper towels while it cooks.
6.Stew or braise – do this with more liquid than you use during baking, in the oven or on top of the stove. You can then choose to refrigerate the cooked dish and take off the chilled fat before you reheat the dish.
7.Steam – do this in a basket over simmering water.
8.Poach – you can do this by immersing fish or poultry in simmering liquid.
Here are some tips on how you can cut fat without sacrificing taste:
1.Take out the oils by draining canned sardines, tuna or salmon then rinsing them in water.
2.After browning ground meat, place it into a strainer that is lined with paper towels.
3.To stretch ground meat or poultry, use finely chopped veggies.
4.When making omelets or scrambled eggs, use only a single egg per portion and then add some extra egg whites to the batch.
These heart healthy tips will help you cook delicious meals without the fat and extra calories!

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