Heart Healthy Tips for Managing Stress

When you make smart changes to your lifestyle by following some heart healthy tips, you can have a healthier heart. One of the things that will greatly help is learning how to manage your emotions better, as some people respond to specific situations in ways that can cause health issues for them. For example, a person who is feeling pressured by a hard situation may begin smoking or if he or she is already a smoker, might smoke more, or gain weight due to overeating. Looking for more smart and healthy alternatives to respond to pressure will help you protect your health.

Before we move on to some valuable heart healthy tips, let’s first get the real meaning of stress – it’s your body’s response to change. How we respond to situations differs from one situation to another. A situation that you may find stressful may not bother someone else. The things that you fear like bungee jumping may be fun for others.

There’s no way to say that one thing is “stressful” or “bad” because everyone is unique. Not all forms of stress are bad either. Watching a football game can be stressful and fun at the same time! As much as stress is undesirable for many, life can be dull without it. The key is to learn how to manage stress effectively, for the sole reason that unhealthy responses to stress may result to health issues in some individuals.

How do you feel when under stress?

It can result to sleeping disorders, making it hard to sleep.

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It can make you feel excited, angry, helpless or afraid.

You may not feel stress even if your body is suffering from it.

It can lead to unhealthy habits such as drinking, smoking, drug abuse or overeating.

How can you effectively cope with stress?

Outside factors (like a big move, problems with your boss) can be depressing or upsetting. Keep in mind though that it shouldn’t be the outside factors that matter, but how you react to those situations that are important. There’s no way you can control what’s happening around you, but you can always change how you handle them psychologically and physically. On my next article I will give you more valuable heart healthy tips on how you can effectively manage stress. Watch out for it!