Heart Healthy Tips For a Sensible Home Kitchen

The advantage of cooking and preparing some homemade meals is that you have better control over the healthfulness of the food and its nutritional content. Plus, you get to save money! If you are intent on giving your family the benefits of nutritious and heart-friendly meals, I have some heart healthy tips for you.
Below are some heart healthy tips for a nutritious kitchen:
1. Instead of choosing prime beef, opt for select or choice grades because they normally have the least amounts of fat.
2. Collect cookbooks and recipes that are heart-healthy to give you some nutritious cooking ideas.
3. Instead of buying dark poultry (the thigh and leg part), use the leaner meats (breasts). Don’t forget to remove the skin.
4. Purchase pork and meats that are labeled round and loin because they normally have the least amount of fat.
5. Instead of using egg yolks, make egg dishes and recipes for eggs with egg whites. For every egg yolk, substitute with 2 egg whites.
6. A good advice for recipes that require the use of dairy products: use fat-free or low-fat versions of yogurt, cheese and milk.
7. Prepare and use foods that have little or no salt.
8. Use low-fat, no-fat, reduced-fat or light salad dressings for dips, marinades or on salads.
9. For seasonings, steer clear of prepackages mixes as they normally contain high levels of salt.
10. Whenever possible, use fresh or dried herbs. To get the most aroma and flavor out of your herbs, grind them with a mortar and pestle.
11. Use citrus juice or vinegar as great flavor enhancers, but remember to add them towards the end of cooking. Vinegar is wonderful on veggies like greens while citrus works well on fruits like melons.
12. Put in dried herbs like marjoram, rosemary and thyme to your cooking for a strong and pungent flavor. Don’t forget to use them sparingly as they are potent herbs.
13. Make use of dry mustard for an added zest to your meals. You can also mix it with some water to create a sharp condiment.
14. Some fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, mushrooms, cherries, chili peppers, currants and cranberries have a more potent flavor when they are dried. If you want a burst of flavor to your meals, feel free to add them.
15. If you want an added “bite” to your meals, you can add some fresh hot peppers. Don’t forget to take out the seeds and membranes. Chop them. A tiny amount will go a long way.
These heart healthy tips are great and nutritious substitutes in your cooking.

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