Healthy Tips For Weight Loss – How I Healthily Lost 44 Pounds in 4 Months

I always eat a great breakfast every morning. Whatever you’re eating right now, why not try a change just to see what happens?
I never skip breakfast and I don’t eat light either. I have a couple pieces of toast and a few pieces of fruit. Some days I have a smoothie. Fruit is by far the best thing that you can launch at an empty stomach and your body will love you for it. These days I never get any gas anymore which I always used to do!
Then later in the day I will take a large meal (what I used to eat easily) and divide it into two. I’ll eat one when I’ve been hungry for an hour and ready to eat (the human body does not have to give into hunger immediately!). Then I’ll have the other half later.
Basically this will give you a calorific deficit of between 500 and 1000 calories per day and you can lose between one and three pounds a week this way.
Many so-called weight loss gurus will tell you that you must exercise like crazy to lose weight. This couldn’t be further from the truth!
Sure, you can accelerate your fat losses by doing exercise. But it won’t stop you getting overweight again unless you are willing to do those two daily punishing hours down the gym for the rest of your life!
The truth is that you don’t need to do any exercise to lose weight at all. Besides, it is much easier to just eat one less chocolate bar every day than to do two punishing hours down the gym instead!
Actually, I did do a little exercise when I lost weight but I never did it for the sole purpose of losing weight. I did it only for fun. So if you want to exercise then only do it for that reason and never to just lose weight. This is why I hate gyms because using a machine to exercise is the most boring way to do it! Try taking up a sport or riding a bike instead! It’s far better!
Back to the food. I suggest you re-evaluate what hunger is. Hunger is just the body’s way of telling you that you should be thinking about getting some food. We are lucky today to be able to have food whenever we want it.
First of all, it takes about two to three hours to get hungry again after a small meal, more for a larger meal. So if you think you’re hungry within one hour of a large meal, you aren’t – it’s your mind playing tricks on you.
Secondly, only eat as much at each meal to stop your hunger. Next time you receive a huge meal, when you’re halfway through it you should ask yourself if you really are hungry anymore. What’s more, eating when no longer hungry is actually no fun!
If you learn to listen to your body more like this then it makes it much easier to lose weight. Combine more fruit, a little bit more of the healthier foods (instead of the bad ones) and re-learn what hunger really is and you can definitely achieve healthy and permanent weight loss.

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