Healthy Tips for Runners

It’s easy to mistake runners for being super healthy people. In fact this mistake is often repeated by the runners themselves. It’s easy to think of yourself to be a “healthier” just because you run. This smugness has often downed many runners during the worst possible circumstances, like preparing for a race.
This article deals goes through several tips that runners can use to keep themselves healthy. Remember, they may seem to be trivial but these tips can make or break you on your most important running days.
Eating well balanced meals is more important that all the supplements in the world. It is a known fact that a lot of Olympic athletes have gone organic and generally place supplements to their proper place, that is, to supplement 3 to 5 healthy balanced meals.
Making sure to get greens and essential fatty acids that are hard to find naturally should ensure that the runners is in top shape. Also limiting (but not eliminating) your cholesterol intake should give you that much needed boost to perform when you need too.
Running exposes you to many germs. In fact a typical runner will be exposed to more microbes than your typical couch potato. So it is best to be clean. A runner should avoid touching his or her face especially after touching foreign objects. Touching dirt or a dirty hand rail for example can be seriously bad if you don’t remember to wash your hands just before eating.
Runners who are training hard may push themselves to the limit and weaken their resistance. This makes them ripe for airborne microbes which can cause a simple cold or even knock them out with pneumonia. The best way to combat this is to bathe and wash your hands after each and every run.
Sleep should be everyone’s best friend. Most of the western world lack sleep. Runners especially need lots of it to repair their damage tissues, ligaments and hard working heart. Anyone who pushes hard without proper sleep will eventually tear down their heart.
A very dangerous trend for amateur runners is to down an energy drink habitually when running. These stimulants may force your heart beyond their limit. There have been many stories about super healthy athletes dying because of them. So try to limit your stimulants and rest when your heart exhausted.
Slowing down sometimes can be beneficial for serious runners. One of the greatest misconceptions in running is that training for a competition requires you to train until the competition day itself. What others do not know is that competitive runners cut back in their training and instead focus on rest for the big day.
Resting is part of training and cutting back in your training schedule a few weeks before your race will only serve to build up your stamina when race day comes.
All these tips are not hard to do. Runners should take care of their health a little more wisely. Running alone cannot make you healthy. But running is a tool that when combined with a proper lifestyle can give you a long and healthy life.

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