Find Out Tips on Getting a Girl Back? Best Known Ways

Finding out the tips to get the girl back refers to some of the magazines, tips offered through media or through e books. E books are a reliable form of enhancing your knowledge about the methods and procedures to make your girl stay with you throughout the life span. The cost of these e books would vary from $15 to $30. If you are going to read this article you would definitely get some of the healthy tips to get your girl back. Telling you my first hand experience of break up and how I got her back.
I met Shirley in my school; we used to be in same class. But I never had enough confidence to express my feelings to her. One day finding her free in class I stepped towards her and offered a proposal of friendship which she accepted. As I was one of the bright students of my class so it did not take her time to decide on accepting my friendship offer. Soon we became good friends and used to share our notes, class lectures and assignments.
Then one day I expressed my feelings of love and affection to her, on that she got really offended and moved away. Later I thought that I have done a mistake in telling her my feelings but it was hurting me a lot and I was not able to live like this anymore. The next morning she stood in front of me and said that she has just seen me as a friend and never thought like this about me. I listened her quietly and accepted everything. She frankly asked me that she did not want to leave me as I was her best friend for quite a long time.
I apologized her for my behavior and promised her that I would never hurt her again. In this way I succeeded in retaining my girl with me not as a girlfriend but just as friend. There are times when you do not want to get apart from your best friend, and it is not necessary that she must be your girl friend. I still have strong feelings for her but would never hurt her again.

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