Do’s and Don’ts in Acne Cure

Do’s and Don’ts in Acne Cure

Puberty or the teenage years is the right time to experience all the skin related problems and one of the major problem is acne, the skin breakouts. There are number and number of factors that are related to the cause of acne. The dust and the smoke are the deliberating factors which contribute to the problem of acne. Second is the quality of the food you eat. Some of the foods contain the ingredients that can cause acne. Third is heredity. All these are the major factors that really contribute to the skin breakouts and hence cause acne.

Treating of the acne is not a tough job. One should always start curing acne right from the simple step i.e. washing of your face twice or thrice a day. Wash it with the proper face wash recommended by the doctors. Use proper medicated creams. Or go by the homemade treatments. One of the best ways for acne cure is to use oregano oil. This has the high antibiotic property which can be used for curing this disease.

Strawberries and watermelon are the two fruits rich in water which will help in flushing all the toxins out of the body and indirectly help to cure acne problem. Always try to have fruits and vegetables directly from the garden where they are sown. They contain high vitamins which will lead to destroy the bacteria causing the skin breakouts. Diet plays an important role in whole of this process i.e. to get rid of the acne naturally. We should always go for the long term solution of this problem and not just the temporary solution for the same as this is a kind of problem that can reoccur if not cured properly.

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Some of the do’s and don’ts for the acne cure.

– Firstly we will discuss the don’ts for the same:

• Avoid stress and anxiety.

• Say no to soft drinks and high energy sugar drinks as they contain the artificial sugars.

• Poor sleep. Take proper rest as per the requirements of the body.

• Avoid applying any kind of facial creams like sun screens, excess hot and cold water moisturizer etc. in order to avoid the dryness of the skin.

• Avoid having fast foods. It will only lead to the secretion of the oil inside the body.

• Lastly say no to chocolates and take a healthy diet which should be reflected in your skin.

– Now let’s discuss some of the do’s for acne cure:

• Take proper sleep as it will help to control the hormonal balance of the body and will also provide you the power and strength to fight with all kinds of diseases specially the skin diseases like acne.

• Wash your face every day before going to bed. So that there is no wearing of make up on the face before going to bed that causes the secretion of the oil glands.

• Always use the normal temperature water for the face wash for the acne cure.

• Choose the correct cream to be applied on the face in order to avoid dry skin.

• Eat fibre rich fruits, vegetables and cereals that help you to clean out your digestive tract.

Just like acne cure, removing acne scars is also one of the major problems prevailing. Everyone is trying to get rid of all these scars and have a good looking skin. Acne scars are most commonly treated by combining surgery with resurfacing. The major part of it includes autologous fat transfer, laser resurfacing, punch grafts and dermabrasion. If they are treated properly, you could see the drastic improvement in your face.

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