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8 Healthy Tips on the Go

Are you really very busy most of the times? And you travel a lot to various parts of the world? However, you are a guy who doesn’t want to worry about your health at any point of time during your trips.
Don’t worry. We are not the only lonely people in the world. There are many who really want to get fitter and look younger. But, they don’t really get enough time to take care of themselves. You must have noticed on TV and newspaper advertisements that celebrities are posing for various campaigns and want to give us a lot of healthy advices. But, I am afraid; I don’t even have much time to listen to them. Following those tips would even be tougher acts to be honest. I wonder how many of us really have time to follow these, especially who all are traveling to various parts of the world at most of the times of the year.
To make the coming days better for you and your family, you need to buckle up and strive more. Certainly, you have to find some new and healthy habits for you. Do you also believe it? To be honest being healthy is not at all a tough job. You need to be committed on what you are doing. You have to love the job that you are doing as well. These are simple things, right?
But, I don’t leave you all at that. I am going to present 8 different and refreshing tips for you all. These tips would help you to remain healthy.
1. A glass full of water in the morning: We need to supply our cells some oxygen and water as these cells lose a lot of oxygen at night. These cells have to be rejuvenated. Hence, a glass full of water in the early morning (Empty stomach) would be just apt for you. Continue this till the day you live in this world. And see the difference.
2. Buy some fresh fruits and carry them: Buy fresh fruits in the morning and put them in your bag. Carry these fruits along with you. Whenever, you are on the go, make sure you eat fruits once in a while. Fruits are really good for their nutrients, vitamins and sugars.
3. Avoid junk foods: It’s evident that, at times, junk foods are unavoidable. But, make sure you don’t eat junk foods a lot. Instead of ordering burgers and French fries, it’s advisable to order green salad or any other healthy fits. Find your own ways to stay fit.
4. Yoga Therapy on the go: I know you don’t have time to sit comfortably and practice exercise. But, whenever you are on the go and sitting in your car. Inhale and exhale which are simple and easy to practice. But, do it slowly and it’s better to take an expert’s advise before practicing it. Make it a habit and see how it actually makes a difference in your life.
5. Drink herbal teas: It’s important to avoid hot coffee or normal tea. Go for a cup full of herbal tea instead.
6. Say no to stored fruits: Don’t buy packed foods or fruits. Refresh yourself eating juice of fresh fruits. It would get rid of your tiredness.
7. Handful of nuts: To increase afternoon energy and productivity make sure you eat a lot of nuts at 3 PM. You can select nuts and raisins which you love to eat.
8. Natural Skin Care: If you are going to a place which is really very hot, then don’t forget to take care of your skin. Skin should be treated naturally. Avoid any lotion or cream. It may create problem for your skin in long run.…

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Heart Healthy Tips – Surefire Ways to Prevent and Reduce Stress

Caring for your heart entails not only fulfilling all its physical needs, but its emotional needs as well. Sure, you can have a good regular exercise routine for the heart and is eating the right heart-friendly foods, but what if you are under emotional strain because of stress? If you want to care for your heart fully, it’s essential that you consider all factors that can affect its health by learning valuable heart healthy tips.

When learning how to prevent, reduce and cope with all the stressors in your life, keep in mind that everyone is unique, and this only means that we have different ways on responding to a certain situation. As for dealing and coping with stress, there is never a “one size fits all” formula to it. What I mean by this is that there is never a single panacea or technique that works for everyone in all situations, so what you can do is experiment with the various strategies and techniques. Look for ways on how you can feel in control and calm and focus on that.

I have jotted down some ways on how you can reduce and prevent stress in your life, for a healthier heart:

One of the useful heart healthy tips out there on how you can effectively manage stress is by keeping a stress journal. This can do wonders in helping you identify all the regular or constant stressors in your life, and will help you keep tabs on how you deal with them. So every time you feel stressed, just keep track of it with the help of your journal. You will start to see common themes and patterns as you keep a daily log. Jot down how you felt, emotionally and physically, what caused you to feel stressed, what you did to make yourself feel better, and how you acted in response.

Aside from having a positive attitude and a take charge approach to stress, you can effectively reduce it by nurturing yourself, make it a point to regularly make time for relaxation and fun, and you’ll find that you are in a better place to handle the stressors of life when they surface.

You can choose to call a good friend, go for a walk, write in your journal, light scented candles, play with a pet, get a massage, watch a comedy, curl up with a good book, whatever works for you.

Take these heart healthy tips to heart, and keep in mind that nurturing yourself is never a luxury, it’s a necessity!…

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Healthy Tips to Deal With Stress

Stress is common in today’s culture. Money is tight for some while others have stressful jobs in the pursuit of money. Family can add to daily pressures as can school, friends and even travel. Yes, we live in a stress filled world. And because of that, we could all use daily techniques to learn effectively, how to deal with stress.
Of course if you need professional help, do it right away. But there are also healthy actions that you can take to learn how to deal with stress, help yourself through depression and feel better. These are just some of the health oriented tips that you can apply to your life.
Diet, diet, diet. Food can make or break a good mood. Unhealthy foods can make you feel aggravated, tense, ill, fatigued and cranky. These are foods that are high in sugar, high in caffeine, or outright junk food. In fact, modern scientific studies are examining to the rise in depression and violence with the rise in unhealthy food consumption as well as lack of proper nutrition.
You can take charge of your health by eating a healthy diet. Keep in mind that nutrition is imperative for healthy brain function; this includes mood. Essential Fatty Acids, especially Omega-3’s, are seriously lacking in the average diet; and EFA’s are necessary for your brain. Help your brain function by eating more fish, nuts, and avocados. Take an EFA supplement. If you are worried about a fishy aftertaste, opt for the kind that have lemon oil added to counteract.
Eliminate junk food as much as possible from your diet. Foods such as chips, soda, donuts, or hamburgers from a fast food restaurant do not contain enough nutrients that your body can use. Your nervous system and your brain depend on all types of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other compounds for health. You can only get these by eating whole foods that contain whole nutrition such as; whole grains, unprocessed meats and proteins, whole and fresh fruits and vegetables.
On the other hand, according to the studies in Orthomolecular Medicine, chemicals like those used in food manufacturing, can interfere with the delicate brain chemicals and chemical reactions that control your body. An unhealthy diet can be linked to depression, an inability to deal with stress, mood swings and inability to concentrate. To be on the safe side, try to cut way down on highly processed foods while replacing them with whole foods and let your body eliminate any built up toxins over time. Changing your diet for the better may not only help your mood, but can help ward of disease and other health issues.
Exercise to balance your mood, deal with stress and, hopefully, reduce depression. Exercise helps bring oxygen all through your body. It gets your blood flowing so nutrients are carried throughout your entire body to all your organs, including your brain. It also stimulates the manufacturing of serotonin, the “feel good” hormone. All of this happens naturally while you get more fit and healthy in the process.
Practice relaxation on a daily basis. It is a fact that relaxing takes practice. Dealing with any given situation can be a habit; like getting angry, sad, upset or seeing a negative situation as a challenge instead of stressful. All of this can take years of work, therapy, or counseling.
But you can start learning to take care of yourself and allow yourself time to relax right in the comfort of your own home. Set aside some time every day. One night, perhaps treat yourself to a bath with soothing Epsom salt and essential oils. Another night, listen to your favorite music while lying with your eyes closed. Or try a meditation recording and listen with headphones while you take time for yourself. Practicing relaxation methods is a helpful way to learn how to deal with stress and less depression.
One tip alone will not help you learn how to deal with stress and depression overnight. It will take a series of lifestyle changes and work on your part. But if you do work on yourself and don’t let stress ruin your life, you can change your life for the better.…

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7 Tips to Build a Healthy Relationship With Your Teenager

When I watch TV and see how teenagers relate to their parents it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
I cannot relate.
When I hear parents talk about how they don’t know their teenagers, I am shocked.
I cannot relate.
When I hear comments about parents having little or no usable influence over their kids, I am saddened.
I cannot relate.
I have an awesome relationship with both of my kids. I never let them “not” talk to me. Nope. I use EVERY opportunity I can to engage, teach and listen to them. I have parented very differently it seems. I am VERY involved. I believe when the Word tells us to “train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it”, the intention was to take it literally.
I went to and found the meaning of the word “train” as it is used in the Scripture.
to develop or form the habits, thoughts, or behavior of (a child or other person) by discipline and instruction.
to make proficient by instruction and practice, as in some art, profession, or work.
I also found it interesting that the antonym (opposite) of train is forget and neglect. WOW!
Our time, effort, time, consistency, oh and TIME is required. You see, we are training them to be well rounded, disciplined adults who have learned respect, love, obedience and trust. If they are trained and taught those things, they will not only WANT to communicate with us, they will become our closest friends in adulthood. That should be our goal. To parent well so we and others can have healthy adult relationships with them later.
Even if you currently have a poor relationship with your teenager. Start now. Make effort. It is never too late. I REALLY believe you CAN have a great relationship with your teenager(s), and a rewarding adult one in the years to come.
Tips to Build a Healthy Relationship with your Teenager
1. Listen. If you never allow them to share their thoughts (even irrational ones), they will never develop trust. Listen to them and VALUE what they have to say. Use proper communication skills. Look them in the eye. Be a part of the conversation. This will require TIME.
2. Be HONEST. Do not hold back. TELL them your failures and bad choices! Why hide it? They will respect you for it and it will help them not make the same blunders.
3. Engage them in conversation. Ask them open ended questions that require more than a yes or no answer.
Example: instead of asking “Did you have a good day at school”, be specific. Ask, “What did you do at school today?” That simple wording adjustment will allow the opportunity for more than a yes or no “grunt” reply! LOL!
It is important that you ask them about their lives. It is important that you make them communicate with you. However, if you are not building a “relationship” with them, this will be difficult. Number 1 and 2 are great starts to build on.
4. Take every opportunity to train.
Example: After almost every movie I watch with my teenager we talk about the movie. It does not matter if it was a risky movie or clean cut. We always talk about it. However, I ALWAYS start with what SHE thought of the movie. Then, after I have heard her thoughts, I ask questions that make her look at the moral and ethical sides of the film, and then I listen. As I listen, I engage her in further conversation on the subject. I will ask thought provoking questions that make her think on a deeper level. Then, after she feels valued and knows I respect her and her views, I share mine. Now, she is more open to hear my thoughts.
This can be used in many aspects of your teenagers life. Both controversial type topics and every day life. EVERY aspect of life can be a training opportunity. Examples of training/engaging opportunities: school topics, sports, relationships, Biblical views, how they dress, views of others, etc.
5. Demand respect. This is tricky. You must first give a form of respect in order to gain it. Yes, theoretically, our children should respect us without question. However, as they grow closer to adulthood, they begin to have their own thoughts, convictions and feelings. It is impossible to expect a teenager to respect you from the HEART, if they do not also feel respected on some level. If they are disregarded, ignored, opinions ridiculed and unable to express themselves, they will not become adults that are able to GIVE respect. They will have NO respect for authority in their lives. They will be angry and unreliable adults.
Note on Respect: As Christian Mothers, we must walk the walk before them. They must SEE us make right choices, refrain from bad ones, pray and read the Word. If we tell them to live one way and we are living another, not only will we lose all respect, they will not be strong in their faith. Walk it out before them and when you fail, admit it, get up and try again. Allow them the privilege of SEEING it. Never assume they will become adults who follow God, if you are not a living example for them.
Consistent discipline is also vital in developing proper respect habits in your children.
6. Time Time Time. You MUST spend one on one quality time with your children. TIME is vital. It speaks volumes to our kids. We need to be at every game, function and event that is humanly possible. However, we also need to spend one on one time with them on a regular basis. After Daddy God and our husbands, there is NOTHING more important than our children. Time is a language that EVERYONE understands. It says; I love you, I value you and I enjoy being with you.
7. Get to know them. This goes hand in hand with time. Do what they enjoy. If they like sports, try and do something in that realm with them. If they enjoy reading, try reading a series together and then you will have something to talk about. My daughter LOVES to read. So, I read Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers with her, and we had many great conversations about it. We still refer to characters in the book from time to time. Of course, she whipped through each book faster. LOL! But, I made sure I read and got through it as quick as I could, so we were “together”.
Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. – Proverbs 22:6
Take the TIME to train up your children and get to KNOW them. You will not regret it. If you are truly blessed, you will have well rounded adult children that become your closest friends in life and never lack in relationships with your future grandchildren! Who, if you did your job (to the best of your ability), are certain to be trained up properly as well!…