Body Acne Treatments That Really Work

Body Acne Treatments That Really Work

Have you noticed that you have pimples not just on your face but also on some other areas of your body? Body acne is very common. You may see it on your back, on your chest and shoulders, and in some rare cases, on your bottom. You can point a finger at your genes or your lifestyle but there’s still hope.

Your skin may get irritated by the material of your clothes. It is suggested to buy clothes that are made of cotton. Sometimes sweat and dirt can contribute to skin problems as well. Change your clothes after you have gone out.

Listed below is a guide to body acne treatments and what you can do to effectively cure it:

1. If you have a light case of acne on your body, you can use a skin care product that contains 10% of alpha hydroxyl acid on the affected area.

2. For more troubled skin, you may apply a cream with a low concentration of benzoyl peroxide that dries up the skin and eliminates bacteria; or a skin care product that has salicylic acid, which unclogs skin pores, to your body acne. Just a thought, benzoyl peroxide can bleach your clothes when it comes in contact with the medication. Do not mix the two ingredients; just use a product that contains only one of the ingredients. It may be too powerful and having acne mostly means your skin is very sensitive. Practice proper precautions when using certain products. Not all products or medication react the same way on others as it will on you.

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3. If you see acne scars, you can try applying a skin product called Accutane.

4. Better yet, consult a specialist or a dermatologist to better assist you in finding the perfect treatment for you.

5. You will also be prescribed oral antibiotics if your case is very severe. Accutane is said to be very effective.

6. Take a bath or shower after a hard day’s work. Too much sweat will aggravate breakouts even on your body.

7. Wear clothes that aren’t too tight. Avoid spandex materials and use clothes that let your skin breathe.

8. You should try to check your body wash and lotion’s components. You can be allergic to some of its ingredients.

9. Avoid touching your blemishes. Do not try to play doctor by squeezing your pimples or by self medicating. Not all products that worked for others may have the same effect on you. So, check with a good dermatologist if a certain product is right for you and your skin condition. Never attempt to put matters into your own hands; it may only worsen the facial problem you already have.

10. You can try and apply lemon juice to the specific area on your body where there is a breakout. Repeat as necessary and rinse well.

11. To help you remove and flush out the toxins in your body and on your skin, you may also try rosemary and green tea oil or essences.

12. Apply apple cider vinegar with a piece of cotton to dry your skin and eradicate your skin’s acne. It has antibacterial properties that help soothe and minimize your zits.

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