Better Hygiene For Better, Acne Free Skin

Better Hygiene For Better, Acne Free Skin

I’ll bet that you have tried every product on the shelf of Rite Aid to get rid of your acne. And you still suffer from it. If this is true, you might want to stop what you are doing and re-think your hygiene. Learn more about how you can keep your skin clean from bacteria, oil, dirt and grime.

Let’s start with your face, which if you suffer from acne and you have it on your face, it’s a very sensitive area to you. Wash you face every single morning and every night. When you are shopping, get soap with a neutral PH so that the skin on your face does not get irritated. Then use a clean towel to dry your face and hands. Don’t rub your face dry, though. Pat your skin gently instead.

If you get something on your face during the day, if it’s possible and your at a place where you can wash your face, do so immediately. Washing your face often though, might dry out your skin. So use a moisturizer to help. Apply just a small amount and choose a moisturizer adapted to your type of skin if possible. Your moisturizer should be the only thing that you put on your skin.

Try not to touch you face or let your hair touch your face. In fact, nothing should touch your face day and night. Since eliminating all contact with your face is very difficult, you can keep your face clean by washing your hands throughout the day, keeping your hair clean and fresh, wearing clean clothes and washing your linens often. Also, try not to use any products on your hair either, as they clog up your pores.

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As difficult as it may be, don’t pick at your skin. Try not to pop pimples that are on your face, and if you’re a young women, try not to wear make up to hide them. Acne isn’t pleasant but you will have a worse breakout of pimples if you touch it. You might even get an infection, which looks even worse. Just be patient – as your acne will improve if you avoid touching it.

The pillow cases on your bed retain bacteria and oil from one night right onto the next. So you need to change your pillow case and bed linens as often as you can. Every single day if possible. Acne is a condition that we all go through and it’s difficult to make these small lifestyle changes to get better, but your going to get a better complexion and your acne will go away if you follow these suggestions. As changing bed linens and washing hand towels every day is a lot of work. But it’s what it takes. Before you know it, it will become habit.

You also have to clean the inside of your pores every single day as well. You will use and exfoliating product. Use hot water first to open the pores on your skin and apply an exfoliating product. Rub you face gently in circular motions. You should focus on you nose, your chin and forehead, as these are common areas where people get the most blackheads. Then rinse your face with cold water to tighten your pores. Do this up to three times each week.

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Follow these guidelines and be patient, again, we all go through times in our live that we get acne, as it’s common in people of all ages. If you follow some of the above guidelines, you should see results in about three weeks to a month.