Acne Treatments to End Your Acne Suffering?

Acne Treatments to End Your Acne Suffering?

Acne can affect us at any certain stage during our life and more often than not does. Very fairly is it a permanent problem but when you are suffering from acne it can cause you much suffering and embarrassment.

The good news though is that there are solutions for effective acne treatment that can help cure or at least alleviate the worst of it. First of all why do you get acne in the first place?

Cause of acne

Whilst no one knows exactly what the causes of acne are, the general consensus is that it occurs due to oily skin and is triggered by hormonal changes in the body. This is why acne is typical during certain hormonal stages, such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

Although oily skin is thought to be one of the main causes you should not be tempted to dry out your skin as this can sometimes make the problem worse. The sebaceous glands will attempt to compensate for your dry skin and product more oil!

There are other factors to consider too, in that skin type, genes, lifestyle, toxins and stress can also be attributed to causing acne.

If you are suffering then it is best to look at effective natural solutions before considering over the counter acne treatments.

Natural ways to treat acne

A number of natural cures have been suggested to help treat acne. These range from using tea tree oil to applying fresh lemon juice onto the affected areas of skin.

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A number of ex-foliates are available that can help to cleanse the skin and remove any dirt that may get trapped in your pores.

The results from such approaches vary from individual as skin type and response to such treatments differ.

Over the counter acne treatments

There are a number of acne products on the market that are available over the counter to help treat your problem. Unfortunately not all work and some can cause further problems typically because of the strength of the product and skin sensitivity.

Your choice of product will also depend on where you are suffering most on your body or face. Some solutions are designed for just your face whilst others can be used anywhere.

Whatever solution you opt for ensure it is clinically proven and will not cause any unwanted side effects. If you are ever unsure whether a product will work for you or if you experience side effects always consult your doctor.

There are many acne treatment products on the market to decide on the best one for you take a look at in depth reviews and make an informed choice.