Acne Treatments Home Remedy Cures and the Big Misconception Revealed by Doctor & Past Acne Sufferer

Acne Treatments Home Remedy Cures and the Big Misconception Revealed by Doctor & Past Acne Sufferer

Find out how the acne industry is making millions selling treatments based on a huge acne misconception…

The Acne industry is making millions hand over fist and they are doing it based on the false pretense that acne is caused by little bacteria in your pores and they are selling creams, lotions, cleansers, infomercial products and internet websites are full of magic acne cures.

Acne is one of these conditions that everyone has an opinion or treatment look around on the internet for just a few minutes and you will be confused on what really causes acne and what is the real treatment.

It’s ridiculous. You can get really confused with all the misinformation coming from your dermatologist, doctors, and skin care “specialists” and you get answers like “use benzoyl peroxide” or “take these antibiotics” and “no, chocolate has nothing to do with acne” and on and on.

You have been taught there are little bacteria making waste products that get stuck in the sebaceous glands or pores and build up into acne whiteheads, blackheads, cytic acne, etc.

That does why? There are a few specific causes for those nasty bacteria to grow out of control and make more waste products and dietary factors that cause you to secrete more oils that can block up your pores.

Rubbing and scrubbing your skin will never fix acne permanently. Neither will all these lotions, creams, doctor’s magic acne “systems”, etc. They all treat the SYMPTOM…bacteria pus and your blocked pores.

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cleansers can help some acne sufferers a lot, no doubt. But for some people that isn’t good enough to solve their problem. And some of us don’t want to be put on “autoship” to have our credit cards dinged every month until the end of time because their product never FIXES the CAUSE of that’s how they want it money for them.

One BIG overlooked cause of acne is fungal overgrowth in the digestive tract, which is due to an environment in the large intestine set up by the effects of antibiotics in meats, chicken, dairy, and other foods. The antibiotics kill off the normal amount of intestinal bacteria that inhabit the large intestine and keep fungus from overgrowing.

When fungus grow unchecked, they multiply and grow quickly and produce more and more waste which then overloads the body’s filtering system and backs up. The waste then overflows and has to go somewhere and that somewhere is out through the largest excretory organ in the that is called acne.

The SYMPTOM of acne is overgrowing bacteria and their excess waste that gets blocked in the pores and the underlying CAUSES are overlooked.

Your skin and your self esteem does not have to be constantly blemished and scarred if you know what really causes acne and what really is the best acne treatment.