Acne Soaps

Acne Soaps

In many cases acne can be caused by dirt and bacteria infecting the skin. In other cases, there may be a buildup of too much oil on your face. Both of these problems can simply be cured by washing your face regularly. However, if you suffer from an acne problem you should not use normal soap. Acne infected areas, especially the face is very sensitive and strong soap is not what it needs. What is more, using hand or body soap can actual do more harm than good to your acne because it causes the skin to become dry and flaky and all the oil is removed from your skin. This may seem like a good thing, but what happens is that the oil glands will work even harder to replace the oil that has been lost on your face, making your pimple problem worse.

Acne soaps are the best solution for a facial wash because these soaps have been created specifically with acne in mind. These soaps are usually softer on the skin and clear away the oil in your face while adding vitamins and minerals to your skin to help prevent acne. There are many different types of acne face washes, the most famous brands are Clean & Clear and Neutrogena. There may be cheaper soaps available but not all of them work and some very cheap products can tend to do more harm than good by drying up the face too much.

Acid acne soap can sometimes take the healing process of acne further than other soaps. Many of these soaps have a substance such as glycolic acid in the soap, the purpose of the soap is to act as a anti-septic and anti-bacterial agent. This can help prevent future acne breakout while at the same time removing accumulated dirt and oil from you face. These soaps are good for treating whiteheads, blackhead, large acne cysts, and most other types of acne.

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When washing your face, be sure that you do not rub too hard. Scrubbing at your pimples may be a temptation for some but this will only irritate your skin potentially causing more pimples. When washing your face, go in gentle and rhythmic motions. Make sure that the soap you have purchased is not making your skin too dry, if that is the case you may need to try another product. If your skin is still to oily, that also may be a sign that the product is not working.