8 Tips On Looking After Your Health

Our Health is of prime importance because only in a healthy body can there be healthy mind.
A healthy mind means thoughts of abstaining from doing harm knowingly. This invariably leads to a fuller life and contentment. The peace within, guides one to fight for justice and to speak out against injustice.
A few tips that go a long way in maintaining a healthy mindset are:
1. Eat home made food. Even if cooking at home means too much hard work, do it. It is good practice for life. Work is a panacea and you will find out only if you do it.
2. Learn to take cat-naps for 20 minutes now and then at home. Relax. This relaxes your mind on weekends and you will be more willing for work when the week starts.
3. Play games on the net just to have some time with yourself at home.
4. Take joy in simple tasks like finishing the morning chores of cooking or whatever early.
5. Refuse to be overwhelmed by any situation. Prayer makes you stay calm. So pray. Mumble Gods name even on the roads or anywhere and everywhere. God will not mind being called. There is no human who is with you 24 hours of everyday like God is. So be sure you remember God everyday cause we have to give what we receive, at least give what you can to God by way of prayers.
6. Take joy in everyday blessings from God. Dwell on a sunrise, sunset, silences, the peace while repeating the God’s names over a 108 times or just feeling the suns warmth on you. Stay grounded and at peace in the knowledge that God knows and that is all you need to know.
7. Do Not Gossip. Do Not Let Others Gossip With You. Do not spend too much time with the idiot box. Being an idiot by spending too much time on the TV will definitely not give you a healthy mind nor healthy thoughts
8. Practice deep breathing and be regular in this exercise.
Bhuvaneswari Calambakkam

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